Kate Derum 1943 – 2008

Kate Derum’s art practice includes drawing, assemblage, collage,
printmaking and painting, but she is best known for her woven
tapestries where the fast pace and cluttered spaces of urban life are
rendered on a woven surface both subtle and intense.

Kate held a number of solo exhibitions, principally at Gallery 101
in Melbourne. Kate travelled widely; her work was represented in
Montreal, Lodz, Budapest, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Wellington,
Oregon, Quebec, Yokohama, Paris and London.

A long involvement with the Victorian Tapestry Workshop began
when she coordinated the International Tapestry Symposium held in
Melbourne in 1988. She went on to become Workshop Manager and
for several months Acting Director.

In 1997 Kate completed a Masters of Fine Arts at Monash University
where she subsequently spent eleven years as the head of the
Tapestry Studio. It was in this role that she was able to introduce a
new generation of talented young artists to the ancient tradition of

In the late nineties she edited the International Tapestry Journal
which she then transformed into the International Tapestry
Yearbook of 2004.

Kate Derum’s tapestries have been acquired for corporate, public
and private collections throughout Australia including Parliament
House, Canberra; CSIRO Petroleum, Perth; BHP Billiton, Ararat
Regional Gallery and the Warrnambool Art Gallery, Victoria.

Kate’s work becomes a record of observations, reflections and the
passing of time. Derum creates an intersection between worlds –
ancient and contemporary, low and high tech, fast and slow, rural
and urban – to look at what lies within these dualities.

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